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Dear Livestock Exhibitors and Families                                               March 18,2020

Friends, several Senior Fair Board members have been receiving phone calls the last few days regarding questions about weigh ins and whether or not we will even have a fair this year. These questions are among many that in our current situation do not have easy answers. Neither the Ohio Department of Agriculture, nor the Ohio Fair Managers Association have issued any statements yet addressing the operation of fairs this year in the state. Please understand the Wood County Senior Fair Board is still committed to the opening and operation of our fair, as long as the regulations placed on us by the State of Ohio allow us to do so.
    The current restrictions (and possibly more to come) do make meetings and weigh-ins a challenge. It is likely that the Senior Fair Board will be making adjustments to these dates, or even the weight rules for the individual species as needed. What these will be, we cannot say at this time. There are several possible alternatives, and they may vary between species. The Board will make it possible for those with animals to show at the fair if at all possible, and in an equitable manner. A large majority of the rules regarding weights and dates are local and are under control of the Board. The one thing the Board does want to avoid is making a hasty decision on these rules now and have changes we cannot predict alter the circumstances again. However, these decisions will be made in a timely manner and presented to the exhibitors so that we are all clear what is taking place.

    The thoughts, best wishes, and prayers of all the members of the Senior Board are with everyone in our fair family as we go through this difficult moment in time.


Mike Trout


~ The Wood County Fair ~

In 2020, the Wood County Agricultural Society is proud to announce the 147th annual Wood County Fair. This historic event is scheduled to take place from August 3-10, 2020 in Bowling Green, Ohio. For eight days every summer over 100,000 people attend the long-standing tradition of the Wood County Fair. This tradition has supported many of the county’s youth and community members by providing exhibitions, education and entertainment that create a sense of pride in our communities, county and state. The fair has helped create lasting memories for countless people and strives to continue making memories for future generations.