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Antique Tractor Display

Antique Tractor Show Guidelines


  • Each family making an entry will receive (1) week long pass. (not per piece of equipment)


  • Entries can be filled out at the fair office during regular business hours or online any time.  (If entry is filled out online passes must be picked up at fair office.


  • The large white equipment I.D. tags will be available in the fair office when passes are picked up.


  • Equipment can be brought in no earlier than the last Saturday before the fair and no later than 8:00 am Monday the first day of the fair


  • The Wood County Ag. Society encourage equipment owners to start/run equipment throughout the fair week to demonstrate to fair visitors how the equipment works. However, any Wood County Ag. Society board member has the right to ask any owner to shut down their equipment at any time for any reason. Please keep demonstrations limited to normal fair operating hours: 8:00am – 10:00pm M-Thurs. & Sun; 8:00am-11:00pm Fri-Sat.


  • Equipment may not be removed from fairgrounds before 9:00 pm Sunday.


  • Independent security will not be provided other than the Sheriff’s Office which currently patrols the fairgrounds.

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