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Dennis Beach, Chainsaw Carver

Daily Shows

Self taught Chainsaw Carver with 30 years in the industry.​

Dennis Beach resides in the wooded hills of Wapwallopen, Pennsylvania, where he masters the fine art of chainsaw carving. The world champion carver cut into his first log in the early 1980s and has been sculpting some of today’s greatest woodcarvings.

“The first year I started carving, I went to a fair,” says Dennis. “And I have been carving at fairs ever since. I started out making really simple carvings and just got more complicated, nicer, fancier pieces, and that led me right up to the world championship in Germany.”

Dennis specializes in speed carving, where he spends 30 minutes on stage with one log and quickly transforms a piece of nature into a piece of art. During this show, he loves interacting with his fans, providing them with the most enjoyable entertainment possible.

“I like to show off and give people a good show. I love flipping the saw around, and shooting sawdust out at people,” he says. “I have a heavy netting so I’ll flip the chunks of wood right out at the people and make them jump.”

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