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Emergency and Health Regulations

For Emergency Assistance:

Contact one of the following units closest to you or call the office at 419-352-0441.

  • Central Administration Building

  • Sheriff’s deputies on duty – mobile

  • Volunteer Fire Unit at Depot

  • Volunteer Fire Unit at F.O.P. Building

  • Volunteer Fire Unit at Sheriff’s Building

  • Sheriff’s deputies trailer at south end of horse arena.

Please note: Volunteer Fire units have instant radio contact with Central Administration building.

Fire Safety Regulations & Precautions

The Wood County Firefighters Association will provide fire equipment and
manpower to provide fire protection on the fairgrounds during the fair week.
1.     No smoking in any buildings, stands, or tents on the fairgrounds.
2.     No operations of wood stoves will be permitted on the fairgrounds.
3.    Camp fires are permitted with approval by the Wood County Fair Board and must follow written regulations             of the Wood County Fair Board.
4.    All marked fire lanes will be kept open at all times (minimum of 18 foot clearance)
5.    All fire hydrants will be kept clear with no obstructions at all times (minimum of 15 foot clearance)
6.    All tents will be fireproofed.
7.    All decorations in exhibits will be flame resistant.
8.    All exits and aisles will be kept open and clean.
9.     All buildings, food stands, food tents, and other commercial exhibits will have a minimum 10 lb. Type “ABC              Multi-purpose” extinguisher within the structure.
10.    All food stands with grease frying or cooking capabilities will have a type “K” extinguisher within the                       building, stand, or tent.
11.    All fire extinguishers will be up to date on service and certification (1 year test date).
12.    All electrical wiring will meet Wood County building codes and be approved by Fairgrounds Electrician.
13.    No number 16 gauge or 18 gauge electrical extension cords are to be used.
14.    All animal bedding will be kept moist if inside buildings or tents.
15.    All petroleum products will be stored outside of buildings, stands, or tents in approved containers.
16.    Adequate metal containers for disposal of trash and waste products shall be provided.
17.    Adequate metal containers for disposal of smoking material shall be provided.
18.    Fair Committeemen should help enforce all fire regulations.
19.    All buildings, stands, and tents will be kept in a safe manner at all times.

Inclement Weather Emergencies
In the event of weather emergencies the following buildings have been designated as storm shelters:

  • Administration Building

  • Under the Grandstand

  • Home & Garden World (former Women’s World) Building

  • Junior Fair Building

  • F.O.P. Building

  • All restrooms

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