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Fair Passes and Ticket Information

Gate Admission Starts Monday August 1st at 8 am
Rides operate from

Monday 3pm-11pm

Tuesday 3pm-11pm

Wednesday 12pm-11pm

Thursday 3pm-11pm

Friday 3pm-11pm

Saturday 12pm-11pm

Sunday 12pm-11pm

Aug. 1st-7th, Ride Wristbands $18

Kids Day Ride Wristband $13 on Wednesday from Noon - 5 pm


Membership and Exhibitor tickets admit owner for daily admission to fairgrounds all week
On sale at Fair Office, Wood County Fairgrounds

Lost Tickets Will Not Be Replaced – NO REFUNDS
Membership — $26.00 — (residents of Wood County only), sold up to 4:30 p.m. on July 27, 2022,

after the deadline only exhibitor tickets will be available. NO REFUNDS

Exhibitor Ticket — $26.00 — (non-county residents and post membership deadline for county residents),

Exhibitor Tickets cannot be exchanged for a voting membership.

Daily Gate Admission Available for $8.00

All Children ages 9 and under are admitted Free of Charge

Junior Fair - Wrist bands will be available at the fair office beginning on Saturday, July 23, 2022.

A $6.00 charge will be made to replace lost Junior Fair Wrist Bands
Admission Charges Start at 8:00 a.m. — Monday, August 1

Children 9 and under are admitted free, without tickets. All other persons must have tickets to be admitted



Gate A - Haskins Road - Open for on Track Events and deliveries only

Gate B and C—on the north side of Poe Road (walk through only)

Gate F - by the Jr. Fair Building (walk through only)
All other walk-through gates are for pass holders only.

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