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Saturday, July 29, 2023

8:00 AM Craft/Hobby Judging
8:00 AM Fine Arts Judging
8:00 AM Photography Judging
8:00 AM IT/Model Judging
9:00 -11:00 AM Rabbit Weigh in
9:00 - Noon Sewing/Canning Intake
11:00 AM Rabbit and Poultry Barn Meeting
11:00 AM Dairy Goat and Breeding Goat Check in on the track
Noon Sewing Judging
12:00-2:00 PM Poultry Weigh in
1:00 PM Canning Judging
1:00 PM Goat barn meeting Sheep Show arena
Goat Weigh in
2:30 PM Lamb Barn meeting and weigh in
2:45 PM Swine Barn Meeting
3:00 PM Swine Weigh in
6:45 PM Beef Barn Meeting Pavilion
7:00 PM Beef Weigh in
7:00 PM All Horses in Place
7:30 PM Horse Department Meeting - Main Horse Arena

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